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Dattatreya's Birth Place

Birth Place

                             ANASUYA THIRIKUMARAM
                                      - "Swamy Sutha" Dr. Sayikumar

Gorakkar narrates and guides us to Athri Maharishi's Ashram, thus:

Athri Maharishi's Ashram.

          From Thani Parai (the foot of Chathuragiri Hills) if you go Northern side, you will reach "Karuppanna Swamy" Temple. Then there is "Kudirai Kuthi Parai" After crossing a river in the Northern side you will get "Padivettippara". If you continue to walk in the Northern direction a small Jungle river is there. By crossing that river and walking after 12 minutes in the same side you will reach "Kaundinya river". On the banks of the river above 10 feet there is "Athi Ootru" (Water spring). On the Northern side of athiootru you will find the Rock where Athri Maharishi performed yagdanas (Fire worships). Just above that Athri Rock, there is Athri Maharishi's Ashram. (Parai means Rock).

          "Chathura Giri-il Gorakka Siddhar" (Tamil) P. Kamalakannan – Vanadhi Pathippagam. pp. 186 – 188. (Swamy Sutha met. This author Shri. P. Kamalakannan in Pondicherry and got his permission to quote his book). References are found in Chathura Giri Sthalapuranam, 22 – Nandeesar Sargam, regarding the divine play of Trinity of Gods who offered themselves (Dattam) to Sati Anasuya Devi as her children.

          To discover this Holy place and verify whether such a place is still existing even after thousands of years, With Baba's blessings, a Team of devotees headed by 'Swamy Sutha' Dr. Sayikumar (The Founder cum Managing Trustee of Akkalkot Shri Swamy Samartha Maharaj Seva Charitable Trust, Pondicherry) started from Pondicherry on 13th September 2012 by 7.30 p.m. by car. Prof. D. Candane (Trustee) accompained Swamy Sutha. On the way to Madurai, in Datta Mangalam near Mannacchanallur (Trichy), the Team picked up Dr.Shyam Sundar Prabhu (Yoga and Natya Master) with his son Mr. Pradeep who have visited Chathura Giri several times.

          Chathuragiri (a cluster of 27 Hills) is situated on the way to Srivilli Puthur, Rajapalayam (Madurai to Tenkasi National Highways) near Watrap (Vathirairuppu), Azhagupuri village.

          Our team was enlarged with two new members joining us at 'THANIPARAI', the foot hill and starting place of Chathuragiri – One Hindu Saint by name 'Sakku Swamy' (Jute dressed Saint) and one Muslim devotee by name Mr. 'ABBAS' from Trichy.

          Though Mr. Silambarasan, a Christian friend (Car Driver) was willing to accompany our Discovery team, we have reserved him in Thaniparai itself as we thought that after tedious trekking of this adventerous Hill, he might not be able to drive back to Pondicherry. Thus Lord Dattatreya showed His brith place invariably to all His devotees simultaneously.

          From Pondicherry to Thaniparai (about 450 kms).

          After taking Break-fast at Thaniparai, we started trekking up the Chathuragiri Hill at 11.30 a.m. on 14.09.2012, Friday. By following the directions of Gorakkar, we arrived "Athri Vanam" (Forest) at about 12.30 p.m.

          There is a "Sangilipparai" (Rock tied with iron chain to help devotees to treck up the slipping rock during rainy season) near a sign Board of Athrivanam.

          With the help of "Sakku Samy" we went to the left of Sangilipparai and trekked for about 12 minutes exactly as referred by Gorakkar. As it was too hot and dry, there was no water in any river or water-springs.

          At last we reached the Athri Maharishi's Rock and His Cave where Maharishi is still believed to be performing Thapasya in Sookshuma Shariram (invisibly). We did Poojas with the materials we took there and recorded in Video and Photographed as an evidence of the Dattatreya's Birth Place.

          Chathuragiri is otherwise called as "Chathur Veda Giri". It is believed that the four Vedas are collectively performing penance (Thapas) in the form of four Hills. All the Great Siddhas (more than 27) are still living here with their Rishi Patnis (Wives) in their Ashrams (mostly caves). On the top of the Hill, there is "SUNDARA MAHALINGAM", the main Deity's Temple. On Full moon  and No moon days (3 days each), thousands of devotees are visiting and getting blessings from Siddha Munis and Lord Shiva with Goddess Anandavalli.

          A few mutts with small rooms are available for lodging but free meals (Annadhan) during Amavasya and Poornima days are provided for 24 Hours.

          Devotees are advised to visit Athri Maharishi's Ashram where Lord Dattatreya incarnated as a divine play to Sati Anasuya Devi with proper Guides.

          Our team arrived Mahalingam Temple at 5.30 p.m. (14.09.12) (about 4000 ft. above sea level) after trekking 7 kms. from Thanipparai.

          We took meals at Saptur Jamin's Anna Chatram and got the Darshan of Shri Sundara Mahalingam and Devy Anandavalli (in Linga Roopa) and as we were very much tired, went to Bed in Raja Mutt by 7 p.m. It was chill during night. Warm cloths helped us a good sleep.

          On 15.09.12 (Saturday) being Amavasya, we surprised to see thousands of people had already assembled at the top of the Chaturagiri Hills in the early morning. Even elder people with great devotion and strong will climbed up the steep Hill with the help of walking sticks. Also surprised to see children happily accompanying their parents.

          Our team member Dr. Shyam Sundar Prabhu performed 'Bharata Natyam Dance' in the Temple. Brother Abbas and the Dancer and his son Mr. Pradeep wanted to stay there for 2 more days. So, Prof. Dr.Sayikumar and Prof. D. Candane thanked them for helping to Discover the Holy place of Lord Guru Dattatreya's Birth Place (Avatar Sthal) and started to come down by 11.30 a.m. We arrived safely by 3.30 p.m. Had good meals (free Annadhan) at Thaniparai, Where our car was ready to move. Returned Pondicherry via Madurai, Trichy, Villupuram at 12.30 midnight carrying all the evidences in the Camera and in our Hearts filled with great satisfaction and divine experiences. Thanked Shri Swamy Samarth Akkalkot Maharaj for having given us a rare opportunity to discover the birth place of His Moola purusha, 'Dattatreya' for the welfare of all Guru Bhakthas world over.


Gurukataksham Paripooranam